Avaya Business Phone System Akron

When you need a VoIP system that can grow with your business, contact us at Akron Business Phone Systems. We have been providing intuitive and infinitely scalable phone services to the people in this area for years now because we know how important it is not only provide stellar customer service but also stay connected among employees through efficient communication tools!

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Taking quality calls to the next level.

Avaya Phone System lets you stay in touch with business everywhere, even when on the go. You can connect your cell phone or PDA to an Avaya PBX so that it acts like a desk phone at home while out selling during lunchtime!

The Find Me feature ensures that your network will never be too far away. If you’re out of town, even if it’s on another continent!

Imagine the possibilities if you had only one cable to worry about? Before, your phone and T1 lines were two separate cables that required maintenance. But now with Avaya Phone Systems’ converged network technology on a single communications line (data or voice), it’s easier than ever!